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AKA Review
December 17, 2021
At AKA, we closely follow trends and latest developments
in higher education and the nonprofit sector.

Here are some recent articles and reports that we found particularly informative.
From Science:
2021 Breakthrough of the Year: Protein Structures for All
By Robert Service
For years biochemists have been anticipating the discovery of a way to predict a protein’s 3D structure with ease, and researchers have finally shown that utilizing AI-driven software can churn out protein structures by the thousands. All areas of computational and molecular biology will be transformed by this advance, enabling them to study variants of the COVID-19 virus in real time to create antibodies to neutralize the virus. While much work remains, this year’s explosion of AI-driven advances promises to change microbiology and medicine forever. Read this article
From The Washington Post:
How higher education can counter the dangerous weakening of American self-governance
By Mitch Daniels
In his new book, What Universities Owe Democracy, Ronald J. Daniels, President of Johns Hopkins University, argues that universities are some of the increasingly rare places in which those from different backgrounds can interact comfortably with each other. Higher education institutions have a responsibility to design campuses that foster exposure to diversity in both student interaction and subject matter. He suggests universities adopt a “democracy requirement,” teaching students about and enabling them to live in communities tolerant of different values and individual dignity. Read this article

From The Washington Post:
More colleges rethink student loans as debate over debt cancellation rages on
By Danielle Douglas-Gabriel
Recognizing that access to resources is one of the biggest obstacles low income students have in attending college, Ohio State University and Smith College are the latest institutions to remove student loans from their financial aid packages.  While it does not eliminate all loans, this decision makes a significant positive impact on college affordability.  But it is a costly one, requiring schools to use philanthropic dollars for grant aid.  Financial pressures have led some institutions to reverse this approach. Read this article

From Bloomberg:
How to Get Rich Sending Low-Income Workers to College
By David Yaffe-Bellany
Many corporations have started offering their employees access to free or heavily discounted higher education.  These assistance programs are often offered through Guild Education Inc., which places students in universities seeking to increase enrollment while offering individualized academic coaching.  But when the business model hinges on “the more students it signs up, the more money it makes,” concerns about whether the students are truly benefitting and getting the resources promised have arisen.  Read this article

Further Reading
From Bipartisan Policy Center :
Campus Free Expression: A New Roadmap
University presidents and provosts are increasingly airing their frustration with challenges to free expression on their campuses. This report offers myriad examples, hypotheticals, recommendations, and tools that academic leaders can draw on to address tensions pitting academic freedom and freedom of expression against DEI; encourage greater diversity of viewpoints; craft effective free speech policies; and ultimately nurture skills and dispositions essential to civil discourse. Read this article
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