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Weekly Review
December 2, 2022
At AKA, we closely follow trends and latest developments
in higher education and the nonprofit sector.

Here are some recent articles and reports that we found particularly informative.
From University World News:
Decline in Chinese student mobility: It’s only temporary
By Gavin Palmer and Wei Liu
The current dip in Chinese students studying in the U.S. is due almost entirely to the pandemic and is likely to bounce back as a result of "push" factors in China: a rapidly growing middle class, demand for higher education that outstrips the space available in Chinese universities, and the value placed on intercultural learning by Chinese students. The authors argue that these factors will help to ensure that the drive of Chinese students to study overseas will remain strong. Read this article
From The New York Times:
Have the Anticapitalists Reached Harvard Business School?
By Emma Goldberg
Elite business schools like Wharton and Harvard Business School are offering more classes devoted to understanding corporate social obligations and how to rethink capitalism. Management professors are increasingly realizing that their students want to discuss the role of business in society, how it has created social ills, and how it may help solve them. Read this article
From The Economist:
Silicon Valley’s plutocrats are shaking up culture in the region
The billionaires in Silicon Valley are starting to change the way they spend their philanthropic dollars. Historically, tech giants have not placed an emphasis on the arts, but recent years have seen a significant investment by them in new museums and artist-centric programs. Tech can also benefit from its support of culture: nearly all tech projects require the imagination of artists and creative thinkers. Read this article

From The New Yorker Magazine:
The Judge and the Case that Came Back to Haunt Him
By Jesse Baron
A young judge’s decision helped send a teenage offender to prison for four decades. Nearing retirement this year after a storied career fighting for judicial reform, he had the chance to decide her case again. A nearly incredible tale and a gripping piece of investigative journalism asks the reader to examine a life in the justice system and reflect on both the good an individual can do and the quirks of fate and political cruelties that can swiftly undo it.
Read this article

Further Reading
From The New Yorker:
A Vast Experiment: Climate Change from A to Z
By Elizabeth Kolbert
This alphabetic collection of vignettes dives into climate change, examining causes, possible solutions, political activism, research, and other topics. In tiny chapters, with titles like C is for Capitalism and G is for Green Concrete, the author explores cutting edge technology like carbon neutral aircraft and carbon negative concrete and digs into the unequal impact of climate change on the global south by the global north. Read this article
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