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Weekly Rundown
At AKA, we closely follow trends and latest developments in higher education and the
nonprofit sector.

Here are some recent articles and reports that we found particularly informative.
From Scientific American:
Biden’s Big Science Challenge: Increasing Public Trust
By Michael S. Lubell and Philip Rubin
President Biden is poised to make science a central part of his presidency, but he faces the obstacles of an anti-elitism strain and declining public trust in institutions. For science-driven leadership to be successful, there must be a plan to build trust through understanding the public's view of science, broaden discussions to include local communities, and bring into the fold traditionally disenfranchised groups. Read this article

From The New Yorker:
Since its inception, affirmative action has faced many challenges, but the latest, Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard, has the risk of resulting in a conservative decision that could pave the way for further lawsuits challenging state and local measures designed to increase Black employment, electoral power, and economic resources. Ironically, the long-running argument surrounding affirmative action is a clash between two principles arguably created at Harvard: meritocracy and diversity. Read this article
From Inside Higher Ed:
Post-COVID Optimism on College Finances
By Doug Lederman
The financial stability of universities and colleges after the pandemic seems to be brighter than originally anticipated, according to a survey conducted by Inside Higher Ed. Many college business officers cite the boost in federal funding and the ability to cut infrastructure budgets due to the switch to remote learning as the source of their optimism. Additionally, the pandemic spurred many universities to implement long-overdue systematic changes to the core structure of their operations to usher in a new wave of long-term sustainability. Read this article

From The Washington Post:
2°C: Beyond The Limit: Extreme climate change has arrived in America
By Steven Mufson, Chris Mooney, Juliet Eilperin, and John Muyskens
The perilous "2˚C threshold" climate scientists have been warning about for years has already been surpassed in some regions in the United States. Climate scientists detail the warning signs presenting themselves and urge that catastrophe is likely if these concerns are not addressed. If uncorrected, the increase in global average temperatures spells disaster for the future. Read this article

Further Reading
From Third Way:
Moving Beyond Free: A College Affordability Compact for the Next Generation
By David H. Feldman and Christopher R. Marsicano
This report argues that despite the enthusiasm surrounding free college, the concept is rife with implementation, efficacy, and equity issues. Additionally, it addresses how free college proposals create winners and losers among the states and suggests alternative policies that could achieve access and success for students most in need of federal support.
Read this report

.Many thanks to Jocelyn Hernandez, who conceived the Weekly Rundown and has nurtured and grown it with skill, care, and thoughtfulness.
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