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Weekly Review
March 11, 2022
At AKA, we closely follow trends and latest developments
in higher education and the nonprofit sector.

Here are some recent articles and reports that we found particularly informative.
From The Hechinger Report:
The colleges that won’t die
By Jon Marcus
Liberal arts colleges across the country have been closing at an increasing rate throughout the past decade, but non-traditional schools like Hampshire and Antioch are refusing to close their doors or merge with larger schools. Students, alumni, and other supports are leading grassroots efforts to raise money in hopes of maintaining the unique atmospheres and learning styles their schools were built on. Antioch’s President, Jane Fernandes, argues that schools like hers teach students to think and express themselves freely, two things vital for the future of democracy. Read this article
From Artnet:
I Grew Up Behind the Iron Curtain. Isolating Russia’s Art and Artists Will Not Help Us Achieve Peace
By András Szántó
Drawing from his experiences growing up behind the Iron Curtain, the author explains how culturally isolating Russia will not solve this crisis. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there has been a wave of exhibition closures and resignations. While the moral convictions behind these choices cannot be doubted, the author highlights that "It’s easy to preach the virtues of globalism when borders are open. It requires courage and determination to keep contacts alive when there are risks involved." Read this article
From Nature:
Perspectives on disparities in scientific visibility
By Tejal A. Desai, Omolola Eniola-Adefeso, Kelly R. Stevens, Maribel Vazquez & Princess Imoukhuede
Five scientists—women and persons of color—offer their thoughts on and personal experiences with disparities in scientific visibility. They explore the diversity-innovation paradox: while diversity fosters innovation, scientists from diverse backgrounds are often the least rewarded as innovators. They note an incapacity to see institutional racism in familiar routines and recommend redefining innovation to increase focus on inclusion. Read this article
The Internet Is Not as New as You Think
By Justin E. H. Smith
Excerpted from his forthcoming book, The Internet Is Not What You Think It Is: A History, A Philosophy, a Warning, this ontology makes us reconsider what the Internet actually is. The author argues that the Internet is not especially new nor a rupture, telecommunicatively speaking, with what preceded it in human and natural history. His sweep is breathtaking, stimulating, and thought provoking. Read this article
From The Chronicle of Philanthropy:
How Can Philanthropy Curb Climate Change?
By Jim Rendon
When addressing climate change, many philanthropic organizations and foundations favor technological and scientific solutions rather than those focused on climate equity and justice. Organizations run by Indigenous people and people of color have done remarkable work on stopping fossil fuel extraction and pipeline construction but have received little funding. Daniel Faber, a Sociology professor at Northwestern University, notes that governments simply lack the will to overcome the power of the fossil-fuel lobby. This can only come from the people. Read this article

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