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Weekly Review
March 3, 2023
At AKA, we closely follow trends and latest developments
in higher education and the nonprofit sector.

Here are some recent articles and reports that we found particularly informative.
From Brookings:
How research universities are evolving to strengthen regional economies
By Joseph Parilla and Glencora Haskins
Economic development is influenced by countless interactions among different types of institutions, including large research universities. But some regions struggle with building the multi-system governance to manage these institutions. Now, a new wave of large, long-term Federal challenge grants seeks to change this by convening networks of institutions around a targeted economic opportunity and requiring a lead regional entity to coordinate organizations across systems. Research universities are increasingly embracing this role. This article explores some of the most promising multi-system economic-development strategies that research universities are leading. Read this article
From The Hechinger Report:
Rankings exodus raises the question: How should consumers pick a college?
By Jon Marcus
The exodus of several high-profile professional schools from participation in the U.S. News & World Report rankings is of both symbolic and substantive importance. However, it also highlights the paucity of accurate and comparable information to use in comparing institutions. This article identifies other sources—professional associations, accrediting organizations, Federal agencies—noting the strengths and weaknesses of each before concluding that there is an important vacuum to be filled by a trustworthy, independent entity. Read this article
From The Chronicle of Higher Education:
Teaching in an Age of ‘Militant Apathy’
By Beth McMurtrie
The pandemic, coupled with young people’s mental health struggles, has led to what one professor dubs “militant apathy” on college campuses. This feeling of apathy can be combatted by providing service learning and study abroad programs to allow students to feel more connected to what they are learning. Enabling students to work on solutions rather than just studying them allows them to see how change is made and how they can play a role in making changes. Read this article

From The New Yorker:
What is Ron DeSantis Doing to Florida’s Public Liberal-Arts College?
By Benjamin Wallace-Wells
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has appointed six new members to the Board of Trustees of New College with the goal of implementing a “top-down restructuring” of the College’s curriculum and culture. However, the vagueness of the Governor’s ends has resulted in his appointees struggling to find common ground. Some come to the task with partisan political agendas, while others want to bring back a more “traditional” liberal arts education. Read this article
From The New York Times:
In the Age of A.I., Major in Being Human
By David Brooks
New York Times columnist David Brooks observes that while AI has much to offer, there are some human skills and qualities impossible for it to replicate. Developing a distinct personal voice, presentation skills, childlike creativity, and empathy, he suggests, will help set oneself apart from the impersonal and monotonous affect of AI generated works. Read this article
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